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Digestine 100 tabs by Daily Mfg

Digestine 100 tabs by Daily Mfg

Digestine provides a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes. Each tablet provides: Pancreatin (140 mg), Mycozyme (150 mg), Papain 200 MCU/g (70 mg), Acid Stable Protease 500 SAPU/g (70 mg), Betaine HCl (70 mg), and Iron ox bile (65 mg bovine). The pancreatin is enteric coated for release in the small intestine (that will not release with pH below 6.8) thereby preventing denaturation of the active enzyme. In other words, we have coated the pancreatin so that it will not dissolve until it gets into the small intestine. 100 tablets per bottle. (C, Maltodextrin, MS, Vegetable stearate)

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