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Gut Health 32oz, Two  Month Supply

Gut Health 32oz, Two Month Supply

Ion Gut/Restore™ is a unique blend of all-natural soil extracts that goes beyond probiotics, helping your gut to optimize its own diverse ecosystem.

Unlike any other supplement on the market, RESTORE is soil-derived, scientifically-backed, and US-sourced. RESTORE has been shown in lab studies to strengthen tight junctions in the gut membrane, our firewall against environmental toxins.

RESTORE helps create a biological environment for beneficial gut bacteria to flourish, supporting overall health and wellbeing. Our Science Team has demonstrated that Ion Gut/RESTORE contains a signal that promotes GUT INTELLIGENCE™--the natural intelligence of the gut membrane that regulates the flow of nutrients and water, as well as the blockage of chemicals.

Ion Gut/RESTORE strengthens digestion and metabolism, promotes immune function, and helps to alleviate gluten sensitivity. RESTORE also supports communication between the gut and brain via the Gut-Brain Axis, helping to boost mood and enhance mental clarity.

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